Saturday, September 24, 2011

Deep from Heart

Deep from the heart, An aged person had to live alone since his only son was abducted by Police and was put behind bars without any fault of him.
Before every sowing season in a year, his son used to take theresponsibility of preparing the farm. He would dig the land well using a spade so that the soil gets loosened prior to next phase of cultivation. Needless to say this spading the entire land involve lot of hard work, which the aged father could not do and he started missing his loving son. Agriculture was the only lively hood of this poor man.
The old father shared this grief with his son in a letter written to him.
Dear Son,
In fact I don't want to bother you, but I could not control myself. This is time to prepare the farm for sowing seeds. But I miss you very much. Though mentally strong, I am physically weak nowadays for completing the hard work of spading the farm, which you would do with love for me every year. I miss you very much my Son. But God is there! He will give you the strength of proving your innocence. Good luck my son.
With warmth
In a day or two, the old father received a telegram from is son. The message contained in the telegram was
"Please do not dig the farm. I have buried lot of guns and Hand grenade underneath our farm. Once I am released from the prison I will take those out"
Just after the telegram was received, lot of police forces entered the farm and started digging. They digged the each and every piece of the land but they could not find any guns or hand grenade.
Our old father was much worried and confused. He penned another letter to his son intimating him the act of police in the farm and asked him how to proceed further.
The loving son replied-
"Don't worry. I suppose the farm is prepared now. Proceed with sowing the seeds for this season. Sorry Dad I could not be with you. I thought of being there with you deep from my heart. But this is the best I could do from the prison"

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