Sunday, November 7, 2010

BRC & CRC Coordinator exam guideline

Recruitment for the BRC/ CRC Coordinator

Sarva Sixa Abhiyaan Mission Gujarat announced to make recruitment process for BRC.Coordinator and CRC. Coordinator for the whole staff, as we know 3337 CRC Coordinator and 224 BRC co coordinators, and 4 Urban Reasourse Center's Coordinator are serving as coordinator in different blocks and clusters. During Teacher transfer camp crc also get transferred in other blocks, districts or schools. Sometime CRC or BRC coordinator get "D" grade during work review and leave their post. Sometime coordinator resigns their post. 
In these kind of situations there will be vacancy on same place due to recruitment process and it takes long time to fill the vacancy and school get affected. That’s why the department has decided to make block level process in the state. 

Applicant has to follow new norms-rules of SSAM are as under. 

• The candidate has to apply within 10 days from the date of their district advertisement.
• Forms are available on BRC or District office.
• The application should send directly by R.P.Ad to the D.P.O office
• The application can apply for the both BRCco, and CRCco. Post.
• The exam will be held on 29/11/2009. All application has to appear in written test as per the decided place by DPO-DPC.
• The candidate will concentrate for further process only if get minimum 50 marks out of 100 marks in written test.
• The applicant should have minimum 4 year classroom teaching experience.
• The teacher who is going to get retirement after 2 years can not apply.
• All Government school primary teacher, CRC co, BRC co. of Gujarat can apply for the post at block level.
• This process is only for vacant CRC and BRC Coordinator to make waiting list for future at block level.
• The CRC and BRC Coordinator are presently serving in the block or cluster will not affect. 

Blue Print for the Written examination of CRC Coordinator and BRC Coordinator: 
• Gujarati (Grammar, Vocabulary) - 10 Marks
• Hindi, English, Sanskrit (Basic Information) – 10 Marks
• Math content (Std 1 to 7 Text book) – 10 Marks
• Science and technology content (Std 1 to 7 Text book) – 10 Marks
• Social Study (Std 1 to 7 Text book) – 10 Marks
• ECS and Physical Education (Std 1 to 7 Text book) – 10 Marks
• Current Education affairs and General Knowledge – 20 Marks
• Attitude and Aptitude test (On the work base of Crc/Brc coordinator) – 20 Marks
• There will be Computer Practical test after examination (MS Office) of 20 Marks.
• There will be 80 marks on applicant’s experience, work, Education Qualification and other activities accordingly.



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