Sunday, October 10, 2010

વિદ્યાર્થીઓના મીસ કોલ્સ શિક્ષક માટે

( આ આર્ટીકલ હિન્દી માં વાંચવા માટે ગુગલ ટ્રાન્સીલેટર નો ઉપયોગ કરવો
         Since mobile phones are cheap, we all missed calls are killing when needed. Is even said, 'If something missed calls to kill. " But not necessarily all sorts of missed calls only from phone will killed. See, every place we live to signal each other in many ways, to indicate the City and Response.

          Similarly, we call kill the child in the class are, but we do miss the live! His face, gesture and sudden lack of enthusiasm us should know that they understand our things that are not participating or not mind ... Conducted their work is showing how we are able to reach them.

          Let peace be in our room as if entering or moving Aroneka Let us have some message being. Baby room for your work feel free to wander or to help each other, they are telling us that they rely on us completely. Katrate of the kids come to us or openly explains his point? Put eyes to things they find in our eyes?

          Here are a few missed calls children who kill us. And who - what do miss calls which we live?

          And his trainer during a similar Prkshaiqshaon kill the missed calls? Calls are and what they have?

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